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  • My Goals
    Hello again! I can’t believe it has already been a month since my last post!! I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer and enjoying the sun down here in Florida. I have been nannying several times a week for two super cute kids and I also started working at a local boutique very part timeContinue reading “My Goals”
  • Goals 🙂
    This coming year I will be spending over ten months in Israel. The primary reason I will be in Israel is because I am Jewish. I have struggled with my Jewish identity in the past, so this could be an amazing opportunity for me to reconnect to my religion. I am making it a goalContinue reading “Goals :)”
  • Hello, All!
    Hey I am Maya, and I’m part of FSU’s Gap Year Program! Currently, I’m in transition from newly-graduated student and beginning my gap year experience, and the first month of summer after high school has been very exciting. Life after graduating is strangely liberating, granting me the free time I’ve always been missing to pursueContinue reading “Hello, All!”
  • The Pursuit of My Niche
    If you had to come up with something you share in common with every single human being on this planet, it might be challenging, right? Things that may come to mind is that everyone sleeps, breathes, and moves. However, let’s get even deeper. What allows people to sleep, breathe, and move? Energy. The body needsContinue reading “The Pursuit of My Niche”
  • On With the Goals
    This blog post is about the goals that I have set for myself for the upcoming year in a manner that I can further work on myself and come out gaining something useful. My goals are:Refine my social skillsI had always heard how hard the transition from high school to university was and I thoughtContinue reading “On With the Goals”

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