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  • Humbled through flexibility
    The most surprising thing about my GAP year experience is how things ended up falling into place, but not how I expected them to. For example, my original plan was to complete an internship under a dietitian so I could learn more about the human body in terms of food science. Instead, I became theContinue reading “Humbled through flexibility”
  • Surprising Thing About my Gap Year
    What surprised me in my gap year is how busy I have turned out to be. During the week days, I am busy for at least 8-10 hours straight. I don’t see this as a problem, just a shock that it has ended up this way. Juggling my responsibilities and my routine was difficult toContinue reading “Surprising Thing About my Gap Year”
  • My Day Refereeing
    One interaction I had in my gap year that stood out was the first day I refereed. I have done it many years and I always find that the first day is the most entertaining. A lot of kids are brand new and so are the other refs that were assigned to me. So insteadContinue reading “My Day Refereeing”
  • Gap Year Interaction
    Though most of my gap year has been around people I’ve known for a long time, considering I live in my hometown, I am taking note of certain interactions with people around me that encourage me to take a step back and reflect on my life. For example, I was cashiering at my job aContinue reading “Gap Year Interaction”
  • Something Surprising
    Something that has surprised me about my gap year so far is the aspect of independence. While I knew that this program would allow me to live independently, I still imagined that it would have rigid structure. I’ve participated in a few programs throughout high-school, and I found that each one of them had aContinue reading “Something Surprising”

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