Alexander Blanchette: My Mobile Work Setup

My name is Alexander Blanchette and this summer I am working as a Marketing Intern for Starter Studio Orlando. Currently, I am tasked with creating content for their social media pages, engaging with and growing all social media platforms; and working directly with Starter Studio alumni to further develop and flesh out the network byContinue reading “Alexander Blanchette: My Mobile Work Setup”

Chris Lormeus: Week One

Hello, My name is Christopher Lormeus a third-year student at The Florida State University studying Finance with a minor in Business Analytics. Some of my personal interests include day trading stocks and foreign exchange currencies while mapping out the necessary components I need to launch my drop-shipping business. Last summer, I was part of theContinue reading “Chris Lormeus: Week One”

Welcome to the IDEA Grants Blog

Welcome to the IDEA Grants program blog! IDEA grants fund summer research, creative projects, and the development or evaluation of new or existing ideas. The program offers students the chance to flex their intellectual and creative muscles through innovative summer projects. Each Spring semester, FSU students of all majors are eligible to apply for grantsContinue reading “Welcome to the IDEA Grants Blog”

Welcome to the FSU Tech Fellows Blog

Welcome to the FSU Tech Fellows blog! Tech Fellows is a program from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE) that works to promote diversity in the tech entrepreneurship sector by providing summer internships for first-generation college students (affiliated with FSU-CARE). The goal of these internships is to provide the Fellows with will hands-onContinue reading “Welcome to the FSU Tech Fellows Blog”