Blog #4 – Meaningful interaction or event

Written by MJ Ladera on 11/24/2020 Over the past month, one of the places I have volunteered at is the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry. At this location, the inside is organized in a manner to look and feel like a small supermarket filled with donated goods.  For someone who is food insecure, to beContinue reading “Blog #4 – Meaningful interaction or event”

Blog #3- Day to Day life during a pandemic

Written by MJ Ladera on 10/31/2020 My daily routine for September varied throughout the month. From September 1st to the 12th, I drove to Kansas City, Kansas, where I was going to stay with my aunt and her family. During the weekdays, I volunteered at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is a Goodwill typeContinue reading “Blog #3- Day to Day life during a pandemic”

Blog #3 — September 2020 — Daily Life

By Elena Villamagna (Sept. 21, 2020) The lesson I am supposed to learn this year is to LET GO. I made the perfect plan, everything was in place. I was getting ready for a two-month trip, through the organization WWOOF, to a farm in Taos, New Mexico where I would learn all about herbs andContinue reading “Blog #3 — September 2020 — Daily Life”

Blog #2 – Goals- 3 main goals for this upcoming gap year

By MJ (Mariajose) Ladera (August Blog) In this blog, I will go over 3 goals that I would like to accomplish by the end of my gap year. In no specific order: 1) Learn/become proficient in a third language a) Last year, I spent 5 weeks in Portugal taking Portuguese classes at the University ofContinue reading “Blog #2 – Goals- 3 main goals for this upcoming gap year”

Blog #2 — August 2020 — Goals

By Elena Villamagna Honestly, I have big hopes for this year and what I will experience. The idea that I am centering my gap year around is female empowerment/feminine energy, which can take shape in many different forms. With that being the center, I have four many branches (or goals) that I want to workContinue reading “Blog #2 — August 2020 — Goals”