Lauren Thornberg (April 4, 2018): 美术

“When I go back home, I am really going to miss hot pot,” I say, pulling enoki mushrooms out of my steaming pot of ma la weidao broth. “Well, actually, there aren’t many things I won’t miss. But I’ll especially miss hot pot.” It’s a Friday, lunch time, and my dining partner, Junsong, and I are talking about what I’ll missContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (April 4, 2018): 美术”

Lauren Thornberg (March 1, 2018): 一位重要的人

A wise man once said, “Wow, oh my god, Mandarin Chinese is a super difficult language to learn and I have no clue how anyone in the history of civilization has ever managed to learn it.” Okay, maybe a wise man never said that. But I’m willing to bet tons of other people have saidContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (March 1, 2018): 一位重要的人”

Lauren Thornberg (January 31, 2018): 四个感情

A quick preface: some of the information in this post may be considered to be sensitive or personal, however, the truth is candid. Justification for my decision to publish this comes from the fact that my host mother herself has published a book on having au pairs, which includes candid information. So, if she valuesContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (January 31, 2018): 四个感情”

Lauren Thornberg (January 1, 2018): 重新审视我的目标…

Much the same as a 50-year-old man might have a midlife crisis, I am having a mid-gap-year crisis. Now, I’m not buying any boats or acquiring strange, new hobbies, but I am becoming acutely aware of the fact that I have already spent nearly 5 of my 9 months in China — I’ve passed theContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (January 1, 2018): 重新审视我的目标…”

Lauren Thornberg (December 2, 2017): 自我如何改变

Looking back at my high school graduation, June 1st seems like six years ago rather than six months ago. Although I knew I would be headed to China, the future was not my first thought during graduation (an hour before the ceremony, I was too busy falling down the bleachers to be focused on theContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (December 2, 2017): 自我如何改变”

Lauren Thornberg (October 31, 2017): 令人惊讶的

I’m waiting for the metro to arrive. It is 8:15 A.M. on a Wednesday. I’m staring at the brightly-lit ads that plaster the wall across from me. I mouth the words silently to myself, one character after another. My eyes move to the next poster. Then the next, then the next. As the train rushesContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (October 31, 2017): 令人惊讶的”

Lauren Thornberg (October 17, 2017): 一个事件…

First of all, before I start this blog post, happy Chinese National Day! This holiday, much like our 4th of July, is a super important day, so I figured I’d point it out! Yay! Anyway, back to the blog. I’ve been asked to tell you about an experience I’ve had during my gap year. TheContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (October 17, 2017): 一个事件…”

Lauren Thornberg (August 27, 2017): 日常生活 – Daily life

My mornings start quiet, but they are not quiet for long. You’d think that living in the absolute center of Beijing (Dongcheng district, right near Tian’anmen square) would be raucous, but life is remarkably calm in the early mornings. My little bedroom has an immense window facing the street, and watching the sunlight stream inContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (August 27, 2017): 日常生活 – Daily life”

Lauren Thornberg (July 31, 2017): 我的目标 — My goals

I board a flight to Beijing in 9 days, and I’ve been thinking about what I want out of the next 9 months. As I’ve started the packing process, and the scheduling to make sure I see all of my friends before I leave, I’ve had to think about goals to set for myself. I’veContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (July 31, 2017): 我的目标 — My goals”

Lauren Thornberg (June 4, 2017): 大家好!

I’ll start by saying this — I’m never really certain how to write about myself. I never know what information about myself is relevant, or what will fully describe me. I could write the basic things — I’m Lauren Thornberg, I’m 18 years old, I’m from Lewes Beach in Delaware — but those pieces ofContinue reading “Lauren Thornberg (June 4, 2017): 大家好!”