Callista Payne: Costume, Designers, and Modern Style

Noël Coward changed the front of British Culture through his art, but it was not without help from several talented fashion and costume designers. Both supporting Coward in friendship and through their artistic expertise in his shows, designers like Gladys Calthrop, and Edward Molyneux created designs that will be celebrated now, in the Noël Coward:Continue reading “Callista Payne: Costume, Designers, and Modern Style”

Emily McGinn: A Look at Coward’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”

Noël Coward released “Mad Dogs and Englishmen”in 1931 as part of his The Third Little Show Revue. The song remains one of his most popular works and many people still used the phrase “mad dogs and Englishmen” from this song. The song has also been referenced throughout popular culture, such as being performed on TheContinue reading “Emily McGinn: A Look at Coward’s “Mad Dogs and Englishmen””

Alyssa Sharp: Noël Coward and British Nationalism

Sir Noël Pierce Coward (1899-1973), a British playwright, director, painter, actor, and author, among other things, dabbled within all areas of art during his lifetime. Coward’s friends even referred to him as “The Master” (“Biography.”) due to his constant involvement in and influence upon the arts. Today, we remember him for his countless contributions toContinue reading “Alyssa Sharp: Noël Coward and British Nationalism”

Aoife Trotter: Investigate How Attitudes and Beliefs May Impact Psychopathology

My name is Aoife Trotter and I am a second-year psychology student at Florida State University. This year I participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program and worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Anxiety and Behavioral Health Clinic (ABHC) under Dr. Brad Schmidt. Specifically, I was assigned to work on a pilot studyContinue reading “Aoife Trotter: Investigate How Attitudes and Beliefs May Impact Psychopathology”

Atilla Sulker: Developing New Forms of Learning Assessment

Since my freshmen year, I have been the Chief Strategy Officer of Blue Ocean Discover, a local EdTech startup. In addition to myself, our team consists of two graduate students (one in mechanical engineering, the other in instructional design), an entrepreneurship student, a chemistry Ph.D. and former researcher at the MagLab. The company’s overarching missionContinue reading “Atilla Sulker: Developing New Forms of Learning Assessment”

Alexa Scalchunes: Religious Freedom in Post-Colonial Countries

My name is Alexa Scalchunes and I am a current second year student at FSU. I am an international affairs major and an economics minor, with a specific interest in international development. At Florida State, I have enjoyed taking classes in sociology, geography, and religion. Additionally, I have had amazing opportunities through the Global ScholarsContinue reading “Alexa Scalchunes: Religious Freedom in Post-Colonial Countries”


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