My Goals

Hello again! I can’t believe it has already been a month since my last post!! I have been thoroughly enjoying my summer and enjoying the sun down here in Florida. I have been nannying several times a week for two super cute kids and I also started working at a local boutique very part timeContinue reading “My Goals”

Goals 🙂

This coming year I will be spending over ten months in Israel. The primary reason I will be in Israel is because I am Jewish. I have struggled with my Jewish identity in the past, so this could be an amazing opportunity for me to reconnect to my religion. I am making it a goalContinue reading “Goals :)”

Hello, All!

Hey I am Maya, and I’m part of FSU’s Gap Year Program! Currently, I’m in transition from newly-graduated student and beginning my gap year experience, and the first month of summer after high school has been very exciting. Life after graduating is strangely liberating, granting me the free time I’ve always been missing to pursueContinue reading “Hello, All!”

On With the Goals

This blog post is about the goals that I have set for myself for the upcoming year in a manner that I can further work on myself and come out gaining something useful. My goals are:Refine my social skillsI had always heard how hard the transition from high school to university was and I thoughtContinue reading “On With the Goals”

Setting Goals

Going into my trip to Israel, there are lots of things I want to learn and experience. The following will be my attempt to narrow down goals so that I have a clear path on how to achieve them rather than a jumble of unrealistic ideas.  Learning Hebrew: a huge goal of mine this yearContinue reading “Setting Goals”

Goals and Aspirations

Over this year before I start at FSU I have quite a few goals for myself, however some are certainly more important. The big three are: better social skills, autonomy, and an in depth understanding of the professional conservation field. I have other aspirations, but these are the things I will be primarily focusing on.Continue reading “Goals and Aspirations”

Goals for My Gap Year

It’s been a month since my last blogpost which means I’m that much closer to beginning my gap year. The pandemic continues to rage on, but I have hope that I’ll get to achieve some, if not all, of my goals for this upcoming year.  As I wrote in my last post, my experiences growingContinue reading “Goals for My Gap Year”

My Goals

Hey, it’s Erin Lassere! One month later, I am here back again! This month, I have submitted my Gap Year Proposal. In this proposal, I discussed some personal goals that I want to use my Gap Year to accomplish. As a reminder, I will be using my Gap Year to further my knowledge of competitiveContinue reading “My Goals”

My Three Goals

There are many things I would like to accomplish during my gap year, so it is hard to just choose three. But if I had to, which I do, I would say the top three things would be preparing for my future career, volunteering with the Optimist Club organization, and learning valuable life skills (suchContinue reading “My Three Goals”


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