Matthew Forrest: Early Mornings and Patience with the Weather

When I originally envisioned this mural project, the plan was to create a mural on a single wall with multiple portraits in it. As time has gone on, the project has grown into a series of murals on multiple walls. This has meant quite a leap in the amount of time spent actually painting andContinue reading “Matthew Forrest: Early Mornings and Patience with the Weather”

Guissella Cruz Rodriguez: Protecting the Vulnerable from Image-based Sexual Abuse

My name is Guissella Cruz Rodriguez and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am a rising fourth-year Service Scholar at Florida State University and I am a Sociology Major and a Political Science minor. I have found a home at the Center for Leadership and Social Change as a Service Scholar since I enjoy spending myContinue reading “Guissella Cruz Rodriguez: Protecting the Vulnerable from Image-based Sexual Abuse”

Derrick Woodard: Understanding the Black Experience at PWI FSU

When looking back over the proposed schedule created for this summer, much of the project was followed as planned. My research mentor, Dr. Dawn Matthews, and I were able to host two black student focus groups. Each focus group was made up of one gender and they both took place in May 2021. The pointContinue reading “Derrick Woodard: Understanding the Black Experience at PWI FSU”

Elizabeth Schutte: Conservation Penguin-Style

During the first half of my IDEA Grant experience, I have begun the process of planning my research team’s upcoming outreach event both from a broad perspective and in a detailed manner. After team conversations and evaluation, it has been decided that the event will be held in early to mid September, and the themeContinue reading “Elizabeth Schutte: Conservation Penguin-Style”

William Rowe: Finding Inspiration

So far this summer I have spent my time gathering materials, gessoingcanvases, and sketching/finalizing my compositions on the canvases. I’ve also beenlucky enough to meet with other artists in the area for tips on materials, techniques, and background components. My smallest canvas for this series is thirty six by thirty sixinches, and my largest isContinue reading “William Rowe: Finding Inspiration”

Jenevieve Norton: Field Research in Beautiful Isla Boca Brava

For the past six weeks, I have been on our field site in Isla Boca Brava, Panama. It has been incredible to finally see the birds I have studied for 2 years dancing before my eyes, or rather before my binoculars. I have loved seeing the other animals on the island such as howler monkeys,Continue reading “Jenevieve Norton: Field Research in Beautiful Isla Boca Brava”

Anne-marie Senatus: Slow Start but on Our Way

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great summer! Though my summer has been pretty stressful and busy, it is going well. I am currently taking 3 classes while working on my IDEA Grant project. As I mentioned in my first blog post, my project is about removing selenium from wastewater. Selenium isContinue reading “Anne-marie Senatus: Slow Start but on Our Way”

Cameron Banker: Working Together to Document Harassment

Overall I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far for this project. It’s been a busy semester but I’m happy to say that the main interview with Darlene has been filmed!  During pre-production In May I spent much of my time researching sexual harassment in the Navy and familiarizing myself with Darlene’s career and story.Continue reading “Cameron Banker: Working Together to Document Harassment”

Luis Sanchez: Was für ein Sommer!

The “German for Students of Classical Studies” (GSCS) program hosted online by the University of Cologne has posed quite the constructive challenge. Never before have I had to combine my major, Classics, and minor, German, so intimately. For hours daily, my fellow program participants, coming from all over Europe and North America, and I haveContinue reading “Luis Sanchez: Was für ein Sommer!”

William Zak: Having Patience with the Research Process

Research is a process. This has been my main takeaway from my IDEA Grant experience thus far. I submitted my first research proposal to Florida State’s Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research on May 21. Two weeks later, I was assigned several points of modification to both the proposal, as well as the informedContinue reading “William Zak: Having Patience with the Research Process”