Nicholis Perez: Hitting the Ground Running

Since I’ve started at Starter Studio, my first impressions of the startup accelerator and its operations have been stellar to say the least. Most of my experience has been participating in the Build Program they offer, a 90-day accelerator that focuses on how to build and run a sustainable business and create a successful go-to-marketContinue reading “Nicholis Perez: Hitting the Ground Running”

David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff

Tampa Bay Wave has been incredibly welcoming and supportive throughout the onboarding process of my internship. Coming into the organization, I was reluctant to start. Although I knew what my tasks and responsibilities entailed, I honestly second-guessed myself the day before my internship. Partly because of my nervousness, but mainly due to the two-week breakContinue reading “David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff”

Thalia Mendoza: First Impressions of StarterStudio

This past spring semester was certainly one for the books. I was challenged, like I had never been challenged before. COVID life definitely presented me and many others with some struggles. These same struggles made it difficult for me to accept the transition from in person to online. However, the most difficult part was adaptingContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza: First Impressions of StarterStudio”

David Wedderburn: My Responsibilities and Research Project

As the start date for my interview time quickly approaches, I am preparing myself to be immersed in the world of startup companies and VC firms. In the coming week, I will be introduced to the rest of the Tampa Bay Wave team and begin my 10-week internship with the organization. Throughout my internship withContinue reading “David Wedderburn: My Responsibilities and Research Project”

Nicholis Perez: The Hospitality Industry Post-Pandemic

I am proud to have joined Starter Studio for the Summer of 2021, a nonprofit accelerator that supports Central Florida tech startup founders with educational programming, coaching, funding, and other resources. During my time at Starter Studio I will be working closely with Robert E. Reed, a mentor and Ideation Stage Accelerator leader at Starter StudioContinue reading “Nicholis Perez: The Hospitality Industry Post-Pandemic”

Thalia Mendoza: Understanding the Role of Mentorship

My interest in entrepreneurship, was certainly a relatively new one. It would be hypocritical of me to tell everyone, “I was always interested in entrepreneurship/business”, because that is simply not the case. I always considered myself to be a lifelong learner. I attempted to read about as many topics and issues as I possibly could,Continue reading “Thalia Mendoza: Understanding the Role of Mentorship”

Shemar Charles: Domi Station and the Future of Remote Work

For what I will be doing while interning at Domi Station, our meetings will consist of meeting over zoom for the first half of the summer. As means to support social distancing but gradually overtime will be working in face to face alongside Ms. Powers and fellow members of Domi Station. So far what IContinue reading “Shemar Charles: Domi Station and the Future of Remote Work”

Thalia Mendoza: Continuous Learning

As someone who was always interested in political science and international affairs, being a part of the Tech Fellows 2021 cohort is something I would have never imagined. I have never been one to focus too much on the technology sector and neither on entrepreneurship. While both are extremely fascinating topics and career fields, IContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza: Continuous Learning”

Lapadre Proctor: Future Automotive Innovator

Hello, I am Lapadre Proctor a proud member of the FSU Tech Fellows program. I am very excited to be a member of this program there are a couple things in particular that I am looking forward to but before that a little about myself. I grew up in Midway, Florida which is about 20Continue reading “Lapadre Proctor: Future Automotive Innovator”

Shemar Charles: Engineering Your Future

My name is Shemar Charles, I am a second-year first-generation undergraduate student at Florida State University majoring in Computer Engineering. I am born and raised originally in Broward County, South Florida and my hobbies consist of all things technology. I love playing games, reading books, reading stocks, and building things from time to time. IContinue reading “Shemar Charles: Engineering Your Future”