Immunocompromised During a Pandemic

Anonymous Author – My experience with the pandemic has been varied. Some days, there was immense fear. How would I fare if I got it? How would my mom? I had to have hard conversations with her. What would happen if she got sick, or worse? I couldn’t talk about wills or life insurance withoutContinue reading “Immunocompromised During a Pandemic”

The Future: Uncertainty, Hope, and Change

Ansley Bilyeu – The future is something I have found myself pondering more than ever over the past few months. The future being this enormous, abstract, terrifying, yet exciting aspect of life. A part of life that seems to have so much control over each of us, not offering much control in return.  We, asContinue reading “The Future: Uncertainty, Hope, and Change”

My Experiences with Covid-19

Dean Khan – Around mid-March I left Tallahassee and drove down to see my family in Orlando, Florida, where I expected to only stay for a few weeks. Fast forward 2 months later and I am still home, and still waiting out Covid-19. Initially when coming home I was excited to see my family andContinue reading “My Experiences with Covid-19”

A Change in Perspective

MacCarthy Baker – Reflecting on the changes these past few months have brought, I am overwhelmed by the events that have brought our country and our world to where it is today. Looking back, I am embarrassed to realize how naïve I was regarding the severity of COVID-19 and the events to come. As theContinue reading “A Change in Perspective”

Getting Home from Jordan

Maddy Johnson – I had planned to be in Jordan studying Arabic for seven months, but the coronavirus had other plans. In early March, I learned that I could spend one more week in the country before evacuating only two months into my time abroad. With a week left I wanted to see it all, beginningContinue reading “Getting Home from Jordan”

Social Distancing as an Introvert

Anonymous Author – Originally, my plan was to write about my lack of motivation, but ironically, I wasn’t really motivated to do that! Instead, I thought I’d share how the quarantine has affected me, specifically as an introvert. I’ve seen a lot of people joking about how the quarantine must be an introvert’s dream comeContinue reading “Social Distancing as an Introvert”

Cooper Shapiro: Sustainable Production Practices on Small-Budget Films

Cooper Shapiro is a 2020 IDEA Grant winner who is majoring in Motion Picture Arts and Production. His project is tentatively titled “Sustainable Production Practices on Small-Budget Films”. Cooper’s faculty mentor is Prof. Lisa Tripp of the College of Motion Picture Arts. My IDEA Grant project has been a learning experience to say the least.Continue reading “Cooper Shapiro: Sustainable Production Practices on Small-Budget Films”