Guissella E. Cruz Rodriguez: Overcoming the IRB Hurdle

My summer project began with working on my academic literature review ad reading the growing literature on the impact image-based sexual abuse has on young women and femme. As my summer experience comes to a close for the semester, I was able to finish an academic literature review, draft and complete a thematic interview guide,Continue reading “Guissella E. Cruz Rodriguez: Overcoming the IRB Hurdle”

Lauren Haigh: Setting my Goals

After graduating high school, I felt lost without the structure of formal education. While I’ve had time to relax and enjoy myself over the summer, I realize I function optimally when there is a plan and concrete objectives to follow. Throughout, the year I will create achievable goals to keep me motivated. My primary goalContinue reading “Lauren Haigh: Setting my Goals”

Nicholis Perez: Summer Reflections

Reflecting on my overall summer experiences and the internship, I only have positive things to say about the two. My internship at Starter Studio has been bountiful and fruitful, yielding some of the best connections and memories I have made thus far during my two years at Florida State University. I feel like my internshipContinue reading “Nicholis Perez: Summer Reflections”

Derica Parathundil: Fun with Intercoder Reliability

I have gotten quite a bit of progress done with my project this summer. Before I get into that, a short refresher on my project:   Three interventionists held intervention sessions in the homes of families with a D/deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (DHH) child as part of a larger study conducted previously. During these sessions, they would work on teaching and implementing strategies to encourage communicationContinue reading “Derica Parathundil: Fun with Intercoder Reliability”

Anne-marie Senatus: Slow Start but on Our Way

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great summer! Though my summer has been pretty stressful and busy, it is going well. I am currently taking 3 classes while working on my IDEA Grant project. As I mentioned in my first blog post, my project is about removing selenium from wastewater. Selenium isContinue reading “Anne-marie Senatus: Slow Start but on Our Way”

Cameron Banker: Working Together to Document Harassment

Overall I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far for this project. It’s been a busy semester but I’m happy to say that the main interview with Darlene has been filmed!  During pre-production In May I spent much of my time researching sexual harassment in the Navy and familiarizing myself with Darlene’s career and story.Continue reading “Cameron Banker: Working Together to Document Harassment”

Thalia Mendoza: Where I’ve Grown

Working in an entrepreneurial setting can certainly be nerve-racking. It is easy to develop imposter syndrome and be harsh on yourself when completing tasks, due to fear of failure. My first few weeks as an intern were a struggle as I stepped into the entrepreneurial world for the first time. I fought fear, nervousness andContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza: Where I’ve Grown”

David Wedderburn: Seeking Out the Work

Since joining Tampa Bay Wave, I have experienced the most significant overall growth in my communication skills. Linda Olson and the Tampa Bay Wave team have consistently given me the fortuity to speak my mind during our operational and team meetings. Additionally, my first task as an intern was to book a venue for theContinue reading “David Wedderburn: Seeking Out the Work”

Rheanne Walton: “What Could Be Duller Than That?” – Noel Coward and the Bright Young Things

The Bright Young People were the talk of the town in London in the 1920s. Known for large, frivolous parties, the group of young aristocrats, socialites, and artists were often featured in newspapers for their wild all-night scavenger hunts around the town and other antics. A fair few well-known names are thought to have beenContinue reading “Rheanne Walton: “What Could Be Duller Than That?” – Noel Coward and the Bright Young Things”

David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff

Tampa Bay Wave has been incredibly welcoming and supportive throughout the onboarding process of my internship. Coming into the organization, I was reluctant to start. Although I knew what my tasks and responsibilities entailed, I honestly second-guessed myself the day before my internship. Partly because of my nervousness, but mainly due to the two-week breakContinue reading “David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff”