Social Reform with Social Distance

Mia Seabrooks – George Floyd’s gruesome murder by three officers in the Minneapolis Police Department was seen throughout the nation. Don Lemon, following the murder, stated that “there are… two deadly viruses killing Americans. COVID-19, Racism-20,” (CNN, May, 2020). This is the current state of affairs in this country and many Americans young and oldContinue reading “Social Reform with Social Distance”

Video: FSU to Silicon Valley

Hey all! If you were unable to attend our speaking event on July 21st that featured Garrett Johnson and Zach Segal as they discussed the future of cryptocurrency and the tech start up scene in silicon valley, you can do so here! FSU alumni Garrett Johnson (CARE 2002, Rhodes Scholar, and All-American in Track andContinue reading “Video: FSU to Silicon Valley”

Civil Movement in the Age of COVID-19

Max Klavon –           The right to protest has played a crucial role in the history of American civil rights movements, with mass demonstrations (both peaceful and violent) impacting everything from women’s rights to racial equality. In recent weeks, the murder of George Floyd has served as a spark to ignite another round of protestsContinue reading “Civil Movement in the Age of COVID-19”

On a Plane to Nowhere, Part II

Abbie Whitehurst – July 14th, 11:17 AM Me and my family have been quarantining in apartments in downtown Brussels since July 2nd. We’re on day 13 today, which means in two days we get to go outside! And immediately go to the army garrison to get our IDs added to the scan-in system and toContinue reading “On a Plane to Nowhere, Part II”

On a Plane to Nowhere, Part I

Abbie Whitehurst – June 29th, 9:33 PM Today was the last day we lived in my house in San Diego. Clouds hung around all day as my family packed our bags and friends stopped by for socially-distanced goodbyes on our front porch. My mom is sorting through last minute paperwork, dad is packing the carContinue reading “On a Plane to Nowhere, Part I”

Nohemi: Growing within My Internship

Nohemi Soza-Acevedo is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow interning at Orlando’s StarterStudio. As my 8th week interning for StarterStudio has come to an end, I can reflect back and acknowledge that I have indeed enhanced and gained many valuable skills thus far. For instance, two skills that I have developed throughout this experience is definitely writing and socialContinue reading “Nohemi: Growing within My Internship”

Social Distancing and Faith Communities

Faith during the pandemic has been difficult. Since I was young, my father told me not to trust televangelists, but that’s what all the pastors have been for the past nine weeks. Next Sunday, my home Church in Tennessee will do a partial reopening. Before returning to the physical building, I want to reflect onContinue reading “Social Distancing and Faith Communities”

Activism: Global Pandemic Edition

Abril Hunter – Activism. A buzzword for Gen Z. However, a word that has been recently at the forefront of my mind. From the Hacktivist group Anonymous, exposing Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book, to your best friend posting a #BlackLivesMatter, anti-racist Instagram story, activism is moving online. Whether I’m scrolling through social media or watchingContinue reading “Activism: Global Pandemic Edition”