Quarantine vs. Me: How I Dealt with Lockdown Depression and Anxiety

Jordan Tweedie – Throughout my entire life, I’ve struggled with severe anxiety and depression. Most of the people around me are well-aware of this because of how often I’ve spoken out about mental illnesses and advocated for others to seek help. I’ve also been vocal about my (fortunately positive) experiences with counseling and medication, alongContinue reading “Quarantine vs. Me: How I Dealt with Lockdown Depression and Anxiety”

Chris: Researching Early Struggles for E-commerce Businesses

Chris Lormeus is a 2020 FSU Tech Fellow who is interning with Tallahassee’s Domi Station. In this past week, I have been working on my project which focuses on E-commerce based businesses. My research question examines the hindrances that entrepreneurs face when they start in e-commerce. So far, the interviewees reported mostly with issues aroundContinue reading “Chris: Researching Early Struggles for E-commerce Businesses”

Rachel Corry: Food for Thought Project Update

Rachel Corry is a rising senior majoring in Communication and Public Relations and a 2020 IDEA Grant recipient. Rachel’s faculty mentor is Prof. Patrick Merle in the College of Communication and Information. My project focuses on determining the most efficient communication methods that local organic farms can implement to improve outside perceptions. I will interviewContinue reading “Rachel Corry: Food for Thought Project Update”

Online Art School Can Be Art School

Callista Payne –             The shift into online learning led me down a road of massive confusion and uncertainty for spring semester.  As an arts student, I had already seen people from other universities circulating the hashtag “online art school is not art school” while we were still on spring break, which led me throughContinue reading “Online Art School Can Be Art School”

Changing Images, Transforming Relationships

Trystan Loustau – Polished frames. My family’s smiling faces. I stood back and admired the family photo wall that I had just renovated, having updated the outdated pictures of us from almost 8 years ago with snapshots of our more recent adventures. Like many Americans stuck inside this summer, I turned to home-improvement projects toContinue reading “Changing Images, Transforming Relationships”

Small Town Resistance

Lee Beaudrot – As large cities are ravaged by COVID-19, the effects readily apparent to those who live there, the true battleground over the dangers of the pandemic and how to deal with them lies in America’s small towns and rural communities. I live in one such area and my experiences and observations lead meContinue reading “Small Town Resistance”

Change, Grief, and Learning to Deal with the New Reality

Anonymous Author- When I look back over the past couple months, it seems almost unbelievable how much has changed so rapidly, and how blind I was to what was clearly coming. In February, I went to an indoor concert in Tampa with at least 20,000 people and did not think twice about it. My boyfriendContinue reading “Change, Grief, and Learning to Deal with the New Reality”