Gap Year Fellows

Poetry for reflection

(Written by MariaJose Ladera April 31, 2021) April has been full of adventures. Starting off with Easter weekend, my family decided to take a mini vacation to the beach. We wanted to do something fun and relaxing due to March being such a stressful month, even if it was for a couple of days. AnotherContinue reading “Poetry for reflection”

Impactful people

(Written by MariaJose Ladera on March 31, 2021) March has been pretty hectic, my family and I started it being quarantined within the house. Leading into February, my dad and brother tested positive for Covid-19, starting with mild symptoms and then they progressively got worse; however, my dad was the one who was affected theContinue reading “Impactful people”

Blog #9 – Drean

One incredible person I have met this year is named Drean, an amazing, truly inspiring man. He is the owner of the first farm I went to this year in Hawaii. Although he is old, he seems to exude endless energy. He was with us, working every day and sharing his knowledge. He would oftenContinue reading “Blog #9 – Drean”


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