Luis Sanchez: Was für ein Sommer!

The “German for Students of Classical Studies” (GSCS) program hosted online by the University of Cologne has posed quite the constructive challenge. Never before have I had to combine my major, Classics, and minor, German, so intimately. For hours daily, my fellow program participants, coming from all over Europe and North America, and I haveContinue reading “Luis Sanchez: Was für ein Sommer!”

William Zak: Having Patience with the Research Process

Research is a process. This has been my main takeaway from my IDEA Grant experience thus far. I submitted my first research proposal to Florida State’s Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research on May 21. Two weeks later, I was assigned several points of modification to both the proposal, as well as the informedContinue reading “William Zak: Having Patience with the Research Process”

Patricia Mehaffy: A Dive into Diradicals

For the past couple months I have been working on my own independent projectdirected toward the synthesis of a unique pattern of graphene. Possible synthetic routesfor this molecular component can be gleaned from either of the following maps whichinclude the formation of a scaffolding of triple bonds which the Alabugin lab is wellversed in usingContinue reading “Patricia Mehaffy: A Dive into Diradicals”

Deborah Olivier

My name is Deborah Olivier (she/her/hers), and I am a fourth year student from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am pursuing a dual degree in music performance (violin) and environmental science. My research interests include climatology, marine conservation, and musicology based on non-Western tonalities. As part of the UROP program, my research focused on marine spongesContinue reading “Deborah Olivier”

Thalia Mendoza: Some things that have Surprised Me

I always tell people that I live life as if it is never ending. I am always in a rush, always one step ahead of the game, I am never not doing something. For me it was always like that. Even in high school, I was always ahead in my classes. I used to takeContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza: Some things that have Surprised Me”

Lapadre Proctor: A Warm Welcome and Hubspot

There were a couple things that I didn’t expect when I first started working at Domi Station. I initially expected them to be strict. But once I met everyone on zoom everyone was so relaxed and level headed. I expected everyone to be so busy they would not have much time to talk with the interns and also justContinue reading “Lapadre Proctor: A Warm Welcome and Hubspot”

David Wedderburn: A Few Surprises from the Start

Being completely new to the entrepreneurial sector, I wasn’t quite sure what to expectgoing into my internship with Tampa Bay Wave. Nevertheless, I was taken aback by a fewsurprises that I have noticed during my time with the organization. The immediate Tampa Bay Wave team is composed of the Chief Executive Officer–LindaOlson–and six other ofContinue reading “David Wedderburn: A Few Surprises from the Start”

Nicholis Perez: May Pitch Night and What has Surprised Me

So far, as an intern for Starter Studio, many of the events and the individuals I have interacted with have truly gone to surprise me in the fondest of ways. This feeling of surprise has come from the amazing leadership and mentorship I see at Starter Studio on a daily basis, admiring just how strongContinue reading “Nicholis Perez: May Pitch Night and What has Surprised Me”

Nicholis Perez: Hitting the Ground Running

Since I’ve started at Starter Studio, my first impressions of the startup accelerator and its operations have been stellar to say the least. Most of my experience has been participating in the Build Program they offer, a 90-day accelerator that focuses on how to build and run a sustainable business and create a successful go-to-marketContinue reading “Nicholis Perez: Hitting the Ground Running”

David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff

Tampa Bay Wave has been incredibly welcoming and supportive throughout the onboarding process of my internship. Coming into the organization, I was reluctant to start. Although I knew what my tasks and responsibilities entailed, I honestly second-guessed myself the day before my internship. Partly because of my nervousness, but mainly due to the two-week breakContinue reading “David Wedderburn: The First Week with a Supportive Staff”