Sathvik Bilakanti: Developing Nanobodies to Combat Parasites

What do you think of when you think of a human parasite? Most people might think of blood-sucking creatures like vampire bats and fleas, or maybe tapeworms. However, the vast majority of human parasites are much, much smaller. Diseases like malaria, dysentery, athlete‚Äôs foot are all caused by microscopic parasites. In fact, millions of peopleContinue reading “Sathvik Bilakanti: Developing Nanobodies to Combat Parasites”

Thalia Mendoza and Life Long Learning

As someone who was always interested in political science and international affairs, being a part of the Tech Fellows 2021 cohort is something I would have never imagined. I have never been one to focus too much on the technology sector and neither on entrepreneurship. While both are extremely fascinating topics and career fields, IContinue reading “Thalia Mendoza and Life Long Learning”